WP_20140817_008The Trevinitone TT18 is based on an amp classic: The Watkins Dominator. It is essentially the clean channel of that famous amp.  It was the amp that lead to the creation of the Marshall 18w.

Supplied as a 1×12 combo with a Celestion G12h speaker, this is a single channel amp that has a huge range of tone, despite being a simple two knob, single channel amp. Two 12ax7s and two EL84s valves provide the preamp and power amp signals and the whole lot is powered up through a solid state rectifier. Two inputs cover the range of tone available, with the low input giving a cleaner signal suited to humbucker equipped guitars and the high input for more grind and single coils. Tone wise, you’ll get everything from dark, moody jazz cleans to classic rock and blues, which is where the amp excels.