TT5 CabBased on the famous 5f1 Champ, one of the most recorded amps of all time, this is a little gem of a guitar amp. Built using a turret board instead of a tag board like the original, it’s much more robust and much easier to swap components should the need ever arise. That is quite unlikely, however, as top quality components are used throughout, such as F&T electrolytic capacitors for the filter caps, Mallory 150 capacitors in the signal path and a Celestion Vintage 10 speaker.

The amp has two valves, a 6v6 for the power amp and is supplied with a 12ax7 for the preamp.  For high output pickups, the 12ax7 can be swapped for a 12at7 to provide a more dynamic, cleaner tone. The rectifier has been changed to solid state in the interests of reliability and stability.